Dcbb Wiki

We will update this page as we come across more resources to help our participants. If you know of a free or low-cost resource that you think we should share, please Contact the mods!

Writing resources

Writing Programs

Google Docs

yWriter6 by Spacejock Software - Free novel-writing software for Windows. Android and iOS versions available.

Shaxpir - Free novel-writing software for Windows and Mac. Pro version available.

Manuskript - Open-source writing tools

Calmly Writer


4thewords - A gamified writing website where you can battle monsters and complete quests with your words. Free 30 day trial, then a subscription fee. (You can use referral code WFAHM62763 when signing up for a bonus on your first purchase).

Grammar Checkers

Grammarly - A free tool to help you identify grammar issues in your writing

Hemingway Editor - If you're worried your writing isn't clear, this free tool helps identify adverbs, use of the passive voice, and sentences that may be confusing.

Tracking and Planning Tools

myWriteClub - If you like sprints, check out this site. You can create a custom sprint OR join the global chat and feel slightly less alone in your word slaying. 25-minute sprints begin every half hour with 5-minute breaks in between. You can also track individual projects.

Sutori - A visual planning tool

Track My Words - A free add-on for Google Docs that tracks your writing stats

Help with AO3

AO3 posting script - A huge time-saver! Converts GDocs formatting into HTML for easy copy/pasting. No more inline HTML in your drafts.

How to embed and image on AO3

How to make your images responsive on AO3


Wordsworth - Historical fiction writers, take note. Worried about using modern phrases in a historic setting? Compare passages of your writing against fiction from the 1800s through 1920s.

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers - An older but evergreen resource. This is NSFW and only appropriate for our 18+ participants. (The author passed away in 2009 but the website has been maintained.)

Fic Prompt Generator - Gives you a setting, genre, prompt, and trope.

Wheel Decide - Can't make a decision? Maybe this wheel can help.

Ambient Tones - Listen to hundreds of customized ambient soundscapes (there are many for SPN specifically!) or create your own

Art & graphic design resources

DCBB watermarks, example banners, & banner templates



FireAlpaca - Free painting software for Mac and PC

Krita - Professional open source digital painting software for Mac, PC, and Linux



Pixabay - Stock photography & illustrations

Unsplash - Stock photography totally free to use for personal and commercial work

Pexels - Another free stock photography site