Dcbb Wiki

Sign up for the 2022 DCBB!

Please read the Challenge Rules and DCBB Schedule to get ready to sign up.

-Pre-draft author drop

-Pre-claims artist drop

-Pinch-hit artist status update.

-Beta reader status update.

Registration FAQs

Can anyone sign up?

The DCBB is open to anyone at least 14 years old. Please read the Challenge Rules for more info.

What if I'm not sure I can finish? Can I sign up anyway?

You can sign up for the DCBB and drop without penalty as long as you let us know before we go to claims in August.

Do I need to have my fic ready right now?

Nope! We don't need a draft from you until August.

What if I'm co-writing with someone? How do we sign up?

If you plan to co-write, both partners must register separately. You may not add a co-author after author registration closes, so make sure that both you and your partner register! Do not register as a team. We need contact information and age verification for both of you. We'll pair you up in our database later.

What if I entered the wrong information?

If you made a mistake on the registration form, or you forgot to enter something, do not re-submit the form. Instead, please contact the mods with the correct information and we'll update your record.