Below is the schedule for the 2019 Dean/Cas Big Bang. Although we will send periodic reminders, please mark any relevant dates in your calendar.

Dates are subject to change. Any changes to dates will be announced.



April 1 Sign-ups open for authors, artists, beta readers, and pinch-hit artists
June 1 Author check-in (mandatory)

Author sign-ups close

August 2 Rough drafts and claims information are due by today for claims. They must be 80% complete, with remaining scenes outlined, in order to be accepted.

Artist sign-ups close.

Final day for authors to drop without penalty

August 11 Story summaries will be emailed to registered artists to review
August 24 Art Claims Day 1 - Claims open to registered artists at 10am EST. Team introduction emails will be sent out as artists are assigned and teams are confirmed. Read more about Art Claims
August 25 Art Claims Day 2 - Public claims open to all artists at 10am EST and continue until all stories have been claimed.
September 13 Team check-in (mandatory). Teams must have communicated by this point and alerted the mods as to any problems. Failure to check-in may disqualify you from the challenge. Pinch-hitters will be assigned as needed.
September 22 Posting schedule released
October 7 Final check-in for authors and artists (mandatory)

Artists, you must upload your rough drafts at this point.

Authors, your final draft is due today. You may continue to edit your fic between now and your scheduled posting date, but what you submit must be a complete draft at least 20k in length with no remaining outlines.  

October 21 DCBB posting begins
November 15 Final day of posting
December DCBB Masterlist released
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